Ashburnham Westminster Community Access Corporation (AWCATV) is an independent non-profit 501 (c)3 charitable organization.  AWCATV operates the PEG (Public, Education, & Government) access channels on the cable television system for the Towns of Ashburnham and Westminster, Massachusetts.  As part of this responsibility, AWCATV will provide:

  • Training and technical assistance in the use of the television production equipment,
  • Access to production resources and facilities, and
  • Cablecasting times on the public, education & government access channels.

Our Mission Statement

To provice equipment , training and channel time to members of the Ashburnham and Westminster communities for the purposes of building community, empowering the individual, and ensuring First Amendment expression through the utilization of television technology.”

To this end AWCATV will:

  • Provide the community with a modern facility and access thereto,
  • Aid and  educate community members to achieve their programming goals,
  • Encourage producers to continually develop their technical and aesthetic skills,
  • Maintain a strong community presence,
  • Continue community outreach to encourage a diversity of programming expressing unique perspectives; advocate programs which support free exchange of ideas and encourage public discourse,
  • Maintain an environment which encourages community cooperation and collaboration.

These resources are available for the production and presentation of programming of interest to the Ashburnham and Westminster communities and shall be used ONLY for non-commercial purposes.