Locally Produced Shows

Local programming that airs on AWCATV

Programs that appear on AWCATV are produced by everyday individuals, empowering themselves through the use of television equipment to entertain and inform the community.  Programs do vary from where they originate. Some are produced by local residents.  Others are imported from different cities and towns by people in our towns who requested to have them aired in our communities through sponsorship of an AWCATV Member.  Below is a list of locally produced shows.

Discovering the Kingdom of God A bible study program that educates viewers.
Your Voice A talk show that hosts various topics in and around Westminster.
School Talk An educational program that highlights the schools, staff, & students in the Ash-West School District
Living Here An informative show that educates viewers on how to live off the land, teach different skill sets, and how to support local agriculture.
Grace & Truth A bible study program that educates viewers.